As physically Bloom&Bee was born in Germany, Bloom also comes from Blumen, meaning flower 🌸 and Bee comes from bee 🐝 and simultaneously correspond our attitude in life and business.

That is what we behind  Bloom&Bee stand for. But there is more. 


We love flowers.

We care about nature.

We believe that flowers bring joy. 


🌱 with our project we want to create and establish a high-quality local product

🌱 we want to increase biodiversity in our region

🌱 we want to be CO2 neutral

🌱 we want to increase awareness about sustainable living and seasonality concepts in flowers

🌱 we want be an inspiration for others to create eco-friendly flower farm

🌱 we want to spread our idea across the world 🌎 and this is where we appeal for you support 🀍


The reason you are with us on this journey, already warms our BLOOM&BEE hearts. The other way to support us is your donation, which helps us to make plan, and get things done. How we proceed – depends also on you 🀍 We’ll keep you posted!

Support BLOOM&BEE: https://steadyhq.com/de/blu-and-bie/about